Texas Turbine Conversions Caravan


Texas Turbine Conversions, Inc - Supervan 900 LogosWipaire is your Texas Turbines installation headquarters. This Cessna Caravan was outfitted with the Texas Turbines Conversions TPE331-12JR Honeywell power plant. This installation can be combined with Wipaire?s floatplane firewall modifications, Wipline 8000A floats, G-2 Single Point Fueling system, and the 8360 Gross Weight increase for the ultimate Caravan. Other airframe, paint, avionics, interior and modifications can also be installed concurrently with the Texas Turbine installation for reduced down time and a fast overall service.

Contact Dale Fehrenbach for all your Texas Turbines Conversions Caravan inquiries.

Texas Turbine Conversions

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