Touch-Ups to Transformations: Paint Refinishing by Wipaire

One of the reasons Wipaire is an excellent destination for aircraft services is our experienced paint refinishing department. By having top-notch facilities and expert paint technicians on staff we are able to coordinate all of our departments to provide customers with a convenient service destination.

Our paint department is equipped with both the tools and expertise to complete a wide range of projects including full refinishing projects, paint touch-ups, and float and modification paint scheme matching.

Wipaire’s world-class paint department employs state-of-the-art equipment to ensure not only an award-winning finish, but also employee and environmental safety. Our paint team employs industry best practices along with things like an EPA-compliant wastewater system to meet or exceed hazardous substance handling and disposal requirements.

The Wipaire paint department has worked on a variety of projects including government contracts, unique custom paint schemes, decal application and contracting with airbrush artists for truly remarkable customizations. A standout example of this is the amazing ocean themed Twin Otter that was completed in August of 2013.

We have recently been working to expand our paint capabilities and work force to continue to develop a stellar team. Recognizing that aircraft painting is a skilled job, we have made investments in personnel, equipment, and facilities in order to meet the changing expectations of our customers.

We hope to see your aircraft in our paint hangar some day!