Backcountry Flying Performance Modifications

Backcountry flying demands peak performance and safety. Empower your plane to conquer challenging airstrips and waterways, opening up a world of breathtaking adventures.

Modifications Available for Wheeled and Floated Aircraft

  • VG Kits – for Most Small Aircraft
  • Sportsman STOL Kit – for Piston Cessna
  • Wing X STOL – for Piston Cessna
  • Flint Tanks – for Piston Cessna
  • Blackhawk XP-140 Engine Upgrade – for Caravans
  • Aircraft Payload Extender III (APE III) – for Grand Caravans

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Flint Tanks

Auxiliary fuel tanks for Cessna aircraft. Letdown for refueling and climb back up to cruise altitude make up some of the most detrimental engine time
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Sportsman STOL Kit

The Sportsman STOL wing cuff is a state of the art modification designed to increase light plane utility and safety by increasing the wings efficiency
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