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Aircraft for Sale by Wipaire

SOLD – Wipaire is pleased to present the lowest time amphibious 208 to the market!  Exceptional useful load of 2942 lbs on amphibious floats!  The latest and greatest G1000 NXi Avionics Suite, Wipline 8750 Amphibious Floats, Laser Gear Advisory, ADS-B, Active Traffic, TAWS-B, Air-conditioning, like new condition with a fresh annual inspection in June of 2020!


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Grand Caravan Landplane Corgo Pod Stock
30 Hrs TT SNEW, PT6A-140 Engine 30 Hrs SNEW, 3 Blade McCauley Constant Speed w/ Full Feathering 30 Hrs SNEW, Garmin G1000, TKS and Cargo Pod.
Price: Call for Details
1,473 Hrs TT SNEW, Allison C205 (475 HP Upgrade) 1,278 Hrs TT, 5 Blade MT Reversable 304 Hrs TT, Wipline 4000 Amphibs (GWI to 3800 lbs), Garmin G600 Glass Panel PFD/MFD, Co-Pilot door.
Price: $975,000
Logo Removed
394.7 Hrs TT SNEW, PT6A-140 394.7 Hrs TT SNEW, Hartzell HC-B3TN-3AF 394.7 Hrs SNEW, Wipline 8750A Floats, SPF, Garmin G1000, Wipaire Laser Gear Advisory System and more.
Price: $2,899,000
N73WY on the 500th Set of 2100s - on step
160 Hrs TT SNEW, IFR glass panel G500 TXi, GTN 750Nav/Com/GPS, G5 Standby, Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats, Wipaire’s Laser Gear Advisory System and more.
Price: $450,000
Copia de ABLY0041 - resize
1,050 Hrs TT SNEW, 1,050 Hrs TT PT6A-140 -867 Pratt & Whitney, 1,050 Hrs TT 4 Blade McCauley, Wipline 8750A's, Max Vis EVS and Wipaire Extended Baggage.
Price: $3,495,000
1,668.3 Hrs Since Major Restoration, 2,125 Hrs SMOH, PT6A-27, 433 Hrs SPOH, Wipaire Boss Beaver Turbine Conversion, Wipline 6100A's Floats, Garmin G600 PFD & MFD .
Price: Call for Details
Ext ed
SALE PENDING - 4,241 Hrs TT SNEW, Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 4,241 Hrs TT, Hartzell HC-B3TN-3AF 1,799 Hrs SPOH. Wipline 8750A Floats, G1000 Avionics Suite , Prop Pitch Latches and more.
Paatelan portti 1
NEW PRICE - 2,359 Hrs TT SNEW, 1,120 TT Hrs SMOH Continental TSIO - 520-M6B, 123 TT Hrs SPOH McCauley 3 Blade, Wipline 3730A Floats, Amphibian Gear Advisory System, Garmin GTN 750 Nav/Com/GPS and more.
Price: $381,000
Livery Removed
- PRICE REDUCTION - 1,860 Hrs TT SNEW, PT6A-140 1,860 Hrs TT SNEW, Hartzell Propeller 1,838 Hrs SPOH, Wipline 8750 Amphibious Floats, Garmin G1000, Airconditioning,
Price: $2,475,000
1,780 Hrs TT, Continental IO-520D 722 Hrs SFRM, 2 Blade McCauley D2A34C58 181 SPOH, Wipline 3730A Floats, Gear Advisory System, Horton STOL, Garmin G500 PFD/MFD
Price: $375,000


1,080 TT SNEW, 1,080 TT SNEW Lycoming TIO-540-AJIA , 340 Hrs TT SNEW, 3 Blade Hartzell Trail Blazer Composite, Wipline 3450A Floats, Wipaire Right Hand Door, Dual Garmin G5, Garmin GTN 750 XI GPS/NAV/COM/MFD and Flint Tip Tanks.


SOLD-1,834 Hrs TT SNEW, Continental IO-520D 191.9 Hrs SFRM, 3 Blade MT Propeller 230.8 SPOH, Wipline 3730 Amphibs Floats, Gear Advisory, Apollo MX-20 MFD w/ Moving Map and other great features.


208 +/- Hrs TT SNEW, Lycoming O-360-A1P 208 +/- Hrs TT, Wipline 2100A Floats, Garmin aera 760, GI-275, GTX 345 xpdr, MVP-50 engine monitor.
Price: SOLD
Exterior water - Crop


SOLD - 20,205 Hrs TT, Engine R-985 AN-14B 400.1 Hrs SMOH, 3 Blade Hartzell Prop 270.4 Hrs SPOH, Wipline 6000 Amphib Floats, Gear Advisory, Annual Completed 01/2024.
Price: SOLD