The Wipaire Paint Process




Pre-Paint Process

A Cessna Grand Caravan on a loaner set of Wipline 8750 floats sorely in need of an eye catching paint scheme.

We paint many aircraft directly out of the factory like this one but stipping an existing scheme to start fresh or modifying are both options.


Preparing for the Base Coat

This aircraft came to us direct from the factory with no existing paint so stripping wasn’t necessary but it certainly needed a good wash down and some sanding to prepare it for the base coat. After the wash down all of the components that need to be protected from overspray are carefully masked off.


Primer Coat and Base Coat Applied

To provide a smooth base and good adhesion the aircraft and its components are given a coat of primer. This aircraft called for a white basecoat of paint so that was applied after the primer cured.


Striping Laid Out

Following the same paint scheme as the customer’s existing 208 on Wipline 8000 floats this aircraft receives its striping layout. Then it is masked to prepare it for the first application of color and the surface is abraded to provide excellent paint adhesion.


Adding the Color

The first color, a brilliant blue, is applied. Then another round of masking is applied and the gold highlight is carefully laid on.


Matching the Floats

One of the great things about buying floats from Wipaire is our ability to custom paint them to match your aircraft paint scheme. This brand new set of Wipline 8750 floats was given a matching white paint base and accent stripes to coordinate with the aircraft.


The Finished Product

This aircraft now shines with its sharp new paint job. It is joined with its floats and ready to leave for its new home!

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