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Your broker called. They want our help to sell your Caravan. Wipaire has been selling Caravans for decades. While we pride ourselves on being the go-to for advice, we take even more pride in being able to directly help you sell your Caravan. Cut out the middle person and list with us.

Having trouble finding a Caravan? Not anymore. Leverage our decades of Caravan specific experience to locate the right plane for your mission. We have aerospace engineers, avionics, paint, interior and certified maintenance technicians on site. Did we forget to mention we also make the floats for Caravans? These advantages, paired with long-standing relationships with operators and manufacturers, provide our clients with insider access to the Caravan market. Caravans are our business.

The most popular services we offer:

  • Market evaluation based on recent sales transactions
  • Photography & video
  • Pre-buy evaluations
  • Import & export services
  • Customized marketing strategies
  • Operator specific inspections
  • Ferry Service
  • Advanced flight training & insurance checkouts available through Advanced Flight Training & Leasing
Learn More About Selling Your Aircraft the Easy Way

We use our experience and extensive resources to maximize your potential proceeds on the sale of your aircraft. Our team of aircraft sales professionals will create a customized marketing plan for your aircraft. This will include photography, a custom listing that highlights your aircraft’s best features, a detailed analysis of the current market conditions, and worldwide marketing efforts. Your aircraft will be featured on the largest and most reputable online advertising venues in the world including this website.


With our vast resources, you can be assured that we have reached as many potential buyers as possible. We know your time is valuable, so we handle all incoming inquiries and you avoid the frustration of dealing with tire kickers. Our network of previous and potential customers has been developed over 60 years in the business; this puts your aircraft in front of top potential buyers from around the world.


International buyers are key players in today’s aircraft sales market. To meet the expectations of global customers, our service center offers import and export certificate of airworthiness for buyers and sellers. Our aircraft sales team is experienced with international importing and exporting policies, allowing for a worry free transaction for both the buyer and seller!


Wipaire also offers buyers and sellers the advantage of one-stop convenience. We offer maintenance, inspection, avionics, interior and refinishing facilities, in-house. This allows us to customize the aircraft to meet the buyer’s specifications, removing any barriers to selling your aircraft. Our maintenance facility offers pre-buy inspection in house or at the aircraft location. Wipaire also coordinates a hassle free aircraft ferry service. These additional capabilities greatly promote the sale of your aircraft and also increase the convenience for your buyer.

Learn How Wipaire Makes Buying Easy & Convenient

Give us your mission and we will use our knowledge and connections to find you the best value when purchasing your new aircraft. Our experience and expertise allows us to search the expansive marketplace and present you with only the best value aircraft for your needs. Our world-wide network of contacts gives us exposure to aircraft that are not publicly listed on the market.


After we have located the aircraft that best meets your mission, our maintenance facility has the capability of performing a pre-buy inspection in house or at the aircraft location. With a pre-buy inspection performed by Wipaire, a Cessna Certified Repair Station, you will have full confidence in your acquisition. Following the purchase of your aircraft, Wipaire offers a wide range of services for all your customization needs. Our broad range of services includes interior, avionics, maintenance & refinishing facilities. Wipaire also coordinates a hassle free aircraft ferry service.


Our expertise in documenting aircraft transactions ensures the purchase of your aircraft will be a breeze for you and the seller. Wipaire will assist in the following; contract preparation, FAA title search, FAA lien releases, International Registry to include Capetown applicable, Bill of Sale documents, Registration Number reservation or withholdings, International Fly wires,  FAA de-registration, or any legal documents required to complete your sale. With our experience, these documents will be prepared and filed correctly and timely.

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