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Aircraft Payload Extender (APE) III

The AeroAcoustics Aircraft Systems, Inc. Aircraft Payload Extender III increases the maximum landing weight of the Cessna Caravan 208 aircraft from 7800 lb to 8362 lb.  Installation of the APE III provides operators with increased flexibility–particularly on short haul routes favored by the Caravan.

The APE III modification primarily consists of replacing the existing, life limited, main landing gear axle with an improved, high cycle axle.  The kit adds less than 2 lb to the aircraft empty weight and can easily be installed in several hours.  Operators can continue to fly the Caravan with the same procedures utilized before the APE III installation.

The APE III works in conjunction with our previously certified APE II system and Cessna approved 29″ tires.  The APE II equipped Caravans provide an increased maximum takeoff gross weight of 8362 lb for the 208.  If not already installed on the aircraft, the APE II system and 29″ tires will be included with the kit.

  • Increase maximum landing weight from 7800 lb to 8362 lb
  • Increase maximum takeoff weight from 8000 lb to 8362 lb
  • Significantly increases the payload and range for the 208
  • Engineered for easy installation
  • STC approved
  • Manufactured under FAA PMA

Wing-X STOL Wing Extensions

Wipaire is an authorized distributor and installation center for Wing X STOL tip extensions for Cessna 180, 182, and 185. This modification is approved with various previously installed leading edge modifications as well as vortex generators.



WING-X STOL will increase your flight performance by as much as 30% and your gross takeoff weight by 50 to 400 Lbs depending on the models. You can now carry that extra passenger or payload and still have great performance!

Improve your aircraft performance by adding more than three feet to the wingspan or approx. 12.4 square feet of wing area to your aircraft. “More Wing is More Lift it’s that simple”. The Wing-X STOL modification has a specially engineered wing reinforcement along the main spar. This modification increases the overall strength of the wing and allows for an important gross weight increase on most models.

Cessna 170,172,175 airplanes will benefit from a GTOW increase varying from 50 to 125 pounds depending on the year and model.

All C-180 and C-182 owners will benefit with a GTOW of 2,950 lbs. approved on wheels, floats and skis as well as providing enhanced performance throughout the flight envelope.

Cessna 185 owners will immediately benefit from an increase of 175 lbs. in the useful load and a newly certified GTOW of 3,525 lbs. approved on wheels, skis, amphibs and straight floats.

Blackhawk XP140 Engine Upgrade for the Caravan

Available for both the Cessna Caravan and Cessna Grand Caravan. Replaces the 600/675 horsepower PT6A-114/114A with a brand new PT6A-140 powerplant for like-new levels of performance and load carrying capabilities – all while retaining your existing cowling, engine mount, exhaust system, and maintaining the same pilot training and operating characteristics.

The increased horsepower offers expanded mission opportunities:

  • Better safety margins
  • Faster cruise speed
  • Improved climb
  • Access more airports


Ice Shield De-Ice Systems

Wipaire is proud to be an approved Ice Shield de-icing systems de-ice boot installation center.

Wipaire can help you make sure your aircraft is ready the next time you encounter icing conditions.
From Cessna singles to the King Air line to DeHavilland Twin Otters, Wipaire factory trained technicians can remove and replace aged or damaged de-ice boots with new Ice Shield Boots.  

Call today for competitive pricing and fast turn around service.