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Hartzell Trailblazer Propeller Upgrade

The new carbon fiber composite Hartzell Trailblazer series 82″ propeller is available for Cessna 185 models with the IO-550-D engine installed via Wipaire STC SA1522GL or Texas Skyways STC SA09960SC in both landplane and seaplane configurations. The Trailblazer propeller offers the following features.

  • Durable, field-replaceable nickel cobalt leading edge
  • Nickel erosion screen for foreign object damage protection
  • Thinner blade with a wider chord for improved performance
  • Designed to be quieter than comparable propellers
  • Carbon fiber composition is 5-10x stronger than natural fiber propeller cores
  • 14.6 lbs lighter than the Hartzell metal 80″ prop (model: PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-6R)
  • 3.1 lbs lighter than the McCauley 80″ prop (model: D3A34C401/90DFA-10)