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Blackhawk XP140 Engine Upgrade for the Caravan

Available for both the Cessna Caravan and Cessna Grand Caravan. Replaces the 600/675 horsepower PT6A-114/114A with a brand new PT6A-140 powerplant for like-new levels of performance and load carrying capabilities – all while retaining your existing cowling, engine mount, exhaust system, and maintaining the same pilot training and operating characteristics.

The increased horsepower offers expanded mission opportunities:

  • Better safety margins
  • Faster cruise speed
  • Improved climb
  • Access more airports


Single Point Fueling for the 208 and 208B

Outfit your Caravan with Wipaire’s single point fueling system and save time. Adding single point fueling capability makes your fuel stops at airports simpler, safer and faster. This modification enables your Caravan to be fueled by standard fueling trucks at ground level removing the requirement for tall ladders and filling tanks individually. Reduce your fueling time so you can get on to your destination faster!

  • Available on floats or wheels
  • Compatible with G1000 or resistive fuel systems
  • Easy to use digital touch screen control panel
  • High precision fuel measurement controls
  • Electronic fuel level monitoring for reliable fuel top off
  • Measure fuel in gallons, liters, kilograms or pounds
  • Master power not required to fuel
  • Pilot does not need to be present during refueling
  • Eliminate the risk of TKS anti-ice system or wing damage from over-the-wing fueling


Single Point Fueling Specifications

Installation Weight42 lbs (19 kg) for landplane and with Wipline 8000 floats
54 lbs (24 kg) with Wipline 8750 floats
Refueling Rate60 gal/min at 40 psi
Power Requirement5 amps DC
Install Location– Control at aft end of the Pilot’s L/H side console panel
– Nozzle Aft of the left hand gear for landplane
– On the left hand pylon for seaplane

Boarding Ladder and Steps

Wipaire Boarding Ladder

The amphibious Caravan is an impressive aircraft but boarding from the ramp can be a bit of a challenge, particularly for mobility impaired passengers. The Wipaire boarding ladder allows passengers to board the aircraft from the ground with ease. The boarding ladder has four wide steps for stability and extending hand rails going from 40″ when collapsed up to 69″ when extended (shown collapsed in this photo). This durable aluminum ladder securely attaches to brackets on the float deck and utilizes rubber bumpers to prevent damage to the float sidewalls and paint.

Details & Specifications

  • Wide and stable steps
  • Aluminum construction
  • Non-slip treads
  • Extendable hand rails on both sides
  • Securely attaches to aft of float
  • Rubber bumpers to protect float paint and skins
  • Ladder and installation kit weight: 28 lbs

Easy Way Amphib Steps

Easy Way Amphib Steps provide a safe, sturdy, natural way to walk on and off your amphibious floats.  Made of 100% lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, these collapsible steps are easily stowed in the float locker.

Details & Specifications

  • 6-Inches Deep by 20-Inches Wide
  • Easily Collapsible For Storage
  • Durable, Rustproof Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Non-Slip Treads For Sure Footing
  • Single Handrail For Increased Safety & Stability*
  • Supports Up To 325 lbs
  • Handrail Weight: 7 lbs
  • Steps Weight: 28 lbs

*Can be customized for handrail on each side

Gross Weight Increase to 9,187 lbs on Wipline 8750 floats

Wipaire, Inc. has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to increase the Cessna Grand Caravan’s gross weight to 9,187 lbs. (4,167 kg) on Wipline 8750 floats. The Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) adds 125 lbs. (56 kg) of useful load and is available for floated aircraft equipped with the PT6A-140 engine. Eligible aircraft include production Grand Caravan EX aircraft and Grand Caravans equipped with Blackhawk Modifications’ XP140 conversion.

“More useful load means more of what matters to our customers—whether that is passengers, cargo, or the family pet,” noted Clint E. Clouatre, Vice President of Marketing & Sales. “To make this possible, Wipaire’s engineering team thoroughly analyzed and tested the Grand Caravan to approve the higher gross weight. Our robust engineering capabilities exist to deliver more to our customers every day, and we’re excited to make this upgrade available.”

The gross weight increase to 9,187 lbs is available immediately. Eligible aircraft include:
• New production or in-service Grand Caravan EX aircraft on Wipline 8750 floats
• Grand Caravan aircraft modified with the Blackhawk XP140 engine conversion on Wipline 8750 floats

Image of a Cessna Grand Caravan on Wipline 8750 Floats

Gross Weight Increase to 8,360 lbs

Wipaire can bring your Cessna 208 on wheels or Wipline 8000 floats up to 8,360 lb gross weight. If your 208 is now certified for 8,000 or 8,200 lb., increasing the gross up to 8, 360 lb. can add one or two more passengers to the manifest — or allow transport of that extra cargo that would have been left behind.

At Wipaire, performance engineering is a way of life. We heartily recommend the STC be added with any engine overhaul or changeover from 600 h.p. to 675 h.p. conversion.

Whether you are flying to a peaceful getaway or to the remote corners of the world, your 8,360 lb. Caravan will deliver you, your passengers, and your payload with ease.

A Cessna Grand Caravan EX after flying in to an Alaskan lake

Additional Caravan Modifications

More Popular Wipaire Modifications for the Cessna Caravan Series:

  • Aurora™ Interior (STCSA01397NY) (208 & 208B)
  • Horsepower Increase to 675 HP (208 only)
  • Seaplane Firewall Modifications (208 & 208B)
  • Propeller Pitch Locks (208 & 208B)

Additional Modification Services:

  • Blackhawk XP140 Performance Upgrade to 867 hp
  • Landing Gear
  • Corrosion X
  • Engine Trend Monitor (FASTBOX)
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Factory De-Ice Systems
  • Cargo Pod Installations (208 & 208B)
  • Hartzell & McCauley Aluminum Propellers (208 only)
  • Increased Outside Ambient Temperature (OAT) for C208B EX